Pupil voice

We are eager to continuously improve our academy by listening to our pupils and putting their ideas into action. Here are some of the actions that we have put into place so far this academic year:


Pupil voice:

Academy actions:

Future actions:

“We want better playtime.”

  •   Instillation of trim trail, climbing frame and   quiet area.
  •   Split break times to ensure that all pupils   get full use of new equipment.
  •   Introduction of ‘Pheaso friends’ to ensure   that all pupils have fun at playtime.
  •   Placement of the school shop nearer to the   playground.
  •   Introduction of year group balls.
  •   Playtime books for children to read in the   quiet area.
  •   Boys’ club.



  •   Playground leaders will be trained and   introduced in the new year.
  •   Development of the quiet area in the summer   with maths and English activities.

“We want to help others.”




  •   Children in need day.
  •   Anti-bullying week.
  •   Y6 Christmas fair.
  •   Macmillan coffee morning.
  •   Carol singing at the Royal care home.



  •   Red nose day
  •   Further consultation with student council   about further charity events.


“We want social events outside of the school day.”

  •   Halloween disco organised by student council


  •  Student council to plan and organise social events for the Spring and Summer terms.

“We want more interaction in assemblies.”

  •   Weekly class led assemblies.


  •  Student council to research more ideas with the rest of the pupils for more interactive assembly ideas.

“we want our rewards to mean more.”

  •   Exchanged stamp cards for golden ticket and   golden ticket prizes.
  •   Introduction of weekly always club.
  •   Star of the week fast passes for lunch.
  •   Attendance prizes chosen by the pupils.
  •   Y6 countdown to Christmas.


  •  Ongoing review of rewards. Student council to discuss with classes regularly.