Young Voices at Sheffield Arena

19th January 2016

On Tuesday 19th January 2016 a group of students from Pheasant Bank Academy joined the world’s largest choir at Young Voices, Sheffield Arena.  There were over 5000 children there from 110 schools. After months of hard work, learning the songs and actions, it all paid off because the concert was a huge success. The children sang and danced alongside special guests; Urban Strides, Laura wright and Tom Billington.  There was also a special guest Barney from Blue Peter, who conducted a song as part of a Blue peter Challenge. After a long afternoon at the concert doing our final practices, the arena came alive in the evening for the parents to watch. We are extremely proud of the children who came with us; they were a credit to our school and we all enjoyed every minute! We can’t wait to do it again next year.

A huge thank you to Mrs Radford for organising this year’s young voices preparation.