At Delta Pheasant Bank we have adopted a mastery approach tot he teaching of mathematics. This allows all children to access the curriculum, whilst posing challenges, providing the opportunity to deepen their understanding and ensuring that all children can achieve, developing their confidence and competence.

We strive for a culture which fosters a love of maths across the academy, where pupils are successful and inspired to meet their full potential. Furthermore, we aim to build a culture where children are reflective in their practice and recognise that uncertainty is the root of all progress and all growth. We have adopted the ‘Same Day Intervention’ approach where the children will answer questions which increase in difficulty.

They are then given a personalised intervention to address their misconceptions or deepen their understanding.

Here at Pheasant Bank our intent is to embed a deeper understanding of maths through concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches so that pupils have an understanding of how maths is essential to everyday life. Our approach to maths ensures that children progress through the national curriculum whilst gaining a range of experiences as a result of our cross-curricular approach.

We support our pupils in becoming fluent in their times tables up to 12x by Year 4. We use a range of resources including Times Table Rock Stars so children’s gaps are clearly identified, whilst creating challenge, competition and enjoyment across the academy and beyond.