Student Leadership

We want all our students to grow into curious and responsible citizens who see themselves as having the capacity to effect change and make a difference within their community. At Delta Pheasant Bank we have a pupil leadership structure that enable students to take responsibility for and influence decisions made within the academy. In the summer our pupil leadership team attend the Houses of Parliament to gain a deeper understanding of our national democray. Our structure of pupil leadership has three layers. 

Our Pupil leadersip team consists of a Pupil Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers. The students are nominated as candidates by their classes and then take part in a two-week long campaign in which they make posters, stickers, talk to pupils and give a presentation in assembly to pursuade pupils to vote for them. All students then get to vote for their preferred candidate. Our Pupil leaderdship meet with school leaders to discuss ideas and initiatives and they represent the school at events such as remembrance day.

Each class has its own school councillor which is elected by the members of their class. Their role is to listen to the concerns and ideas of their classmates and then discuss them with the pupil leadership team and members of staff to affect change and continue to improve our school. Our school councillors and pupil leadership team meet weekly with staff. 

Our School Ambassadors are appointed by members of staff as role models for other students and they represent our school at events such as parents evenings. Our entire pupil leadership team gets the opportunity to get involved in a range of school projects and visit the Houses of Parliament.

Our elections have taken place and we are happy to announce our new Student Leadership Team:

Pupil Headteacher is Brooke Simpson

Assistant Pupil Headteachers are Tommy Wilkinson, Serenity Stables and Archie Richardson

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